From the recording What If He Said No?

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What If He Said No?
Tiffany Chandler/TLC Squared Publishing/ BMI

Verse One:

As He knelt there in the garden
The thought surely crossed his mind
Should he just go ahead?
Or should he stay behind?
And as he began to pray
He knew His time was soon to come
So He raised his head and said
Lord, not my will but thine be done


What if He said no?
What If he let go?
Then I would never know
How He loved me so
He didn’t have to die
But he was crucified
So I could have eternal life
What if he said no?

Verse Two:

Well, what if they didn’t, didn’t pierce His side?
And what if they didn’t, didn’t say those lies?
And what he didn’t lift his head and cry
It is finished and then died?


If He said no
Where would I go?