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Tim Chandler
TLC Squared Publishing / BMI © 2018

Everybody loses, we all feel pain
Except when we’re winning, sometimes we gain
Seasons come and seasons go, sometimes you reap, sometimes you sow
You just gotta know that seasons change

Seasons change like to the Winter from the Fall
Seasons change, and it doesn’t matter all
Of the pain and heartache, or triumph you go through
God has promised that He’ll take good care of you, when seasons change

To everything a season, to everything a time
To everything a purpose, it’s God’s design
How long is a season, who can know?
How long does it take a rose to grow?
The Father in Heaven knows and makes seasons change

Seasons do not change based on the outside
No matter when the winds and rain may come
It’s only when God’s time has been completed
That you find that your next season has begun