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I Don’t Deserve
Tim Chandler
TLC Squared Publishing / BMI © 2018

Sometimes I get to thinking that I’m doing good
I’m doing all the right things that I know I should
After all—why would God not love me anyway
When I live for Him and I’m doing what He has to say

I understand the reasons why I am so blessed
It must be because I live a life with no regret
Until I stumble, and your grace sustains me one more time
That’s when I’m reminded I’m perfect only in my eyes


Cause I don’t deserve the love that you give me
I don’t deserve the price you paid on Calvary
And I know that I will never, ever do enough
To say or do the things that make me worthy of
The blessings that you shower on me every day
And I never will

To think that you would still love me in my sin
And give to me another chance time and again
I’m humbled just to know how much you care for me
And your love for me is not based on ability