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Go Answer The Door
Tim Chandler, Lana Jellison Chandler, Tiffany Chandler
TLC Squared Publishing / BMI © 2018

Herod was an evil king, with a wicked plan
Torturing the saints of God all across the land
When he captured Peter the church began to pray
Asking for a pardon that the Lord would make a way

While they were prayin an angel God did send
To visit that old jail house, and he walked right in
A light shone all around, Peter’s chains fell to the floor
He walked right through the gate that opened of its own accord

Standing at the entrance of the house where saints did pray
Believing for a miracle to happen any day
Rhoda heard the knocking and ran out to the door
And when she finally opened it she found what they prayed for

You’ve been prayin, hopin, seekin and believing
Waitin for your answer to arrive
On your knees——constantly
Struggling with the doubt that’s in your mind
Just overcome your fear
Listen to what you hear
This will be a knock you can’t ignore
Just go answer the door

It wasn’t a vision, it wasn’t a dream
It was exactly as it seemed
So when you hear the knockin and you don’t know what it’s for
Don’t stand there simply prayin, just go answer the door