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I’m Ready
Lana Jellison Chandler
TLC Squared Publishing / BMI © 2015

1. Well, I’ve heard it now for years
That the Lord, He will appear
Any moment, any hour of any day
My lamp is trimmed and burning
And my heart is a yearnin’
I can’t wait to see my Savior’s face

C. I’m ready for the trumpet to sound
I’m ready to be heaven bound
I’m ready for the sky to open wide
I’m ready for Jesus to come back and claim His bride
I’m ready to leave this old world
I’m ready to see the gates of pearl
I’m ready for the Savior, don’t you know
Oh, Lord, I’m ready now to go

2. There’s a stirrin’ in the air
You can feel it everywhere
He’s coming back, we know it won’t be long
There are signs all around
That He’s soon coming down
Out of the clouds to take His children home