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Old Time Meetin
Tim Chandler
TLC Squared Publishing / BMI © 2015

1. It was at an old time meetin
Friends and family they were greetin
As for me I was receivin
Something special from the Lord
Some were skeptic, some were doubtin
As for me I was a shoutin
When the Holy Ghost from Heaven
Filled my longing, thirsty soul

C. There’s nothing like an Old Time Meeting
When the spirit of the Lord comes down
Singing, “Hallelujah”
On that old campground
I want to feel that old time feeling
That I felt way back then
An Old Time Meetin is what we’re still needin
To set us free from sin

2. On the way down to the altar
I surrendered to the Father
I knew that the Lord had something
I just couldn’t live without
Some said it was just emotion
Just a bunch of pure commotion
But I couldn’t leave without a victory shout