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He Saved Me
Tim and Lana Chandler
Verse One

Lightening streaked across the sky
And the thunder rolled
All Heaven watched and waited
For salvation’s plan to unfold
The solder’s said, Save yourself
His mother wished He would
As blood and tears fell to the ground
There’s no way he could


He saved me
When He couldn’t save himself
He saved me to redeem my soul from hell
He could have called ten thousand angels
To rescue him that day
But then for my sins I would have to pay
His love reached through eternity
When He couldn’t save himself
He saved me

Verse Two

He hung there in pain and agony
Some laughed and some cried
Not knowing it was for their sins
That’s the reason he died
He gave his life so willingly
Although his flesh was weak
He fought with death and hell
And He won the victory



It wasn’t just the nails
That held his body to that cross
But His love and compassion
For a world that was lost


No He couldn’t save himself
He saved me
He saved me