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My Last Tear
Tim and Lana Chandler
Verse One

Satan, you thought you had me
You thought I was done
You thought it was over
And you thought you had won
But somehow I managed to survive
You could not take me
You couldn’t end my life


Now I am happy
Now I am free
The chains that once held
Are layin at my feet
And now can smile
Cause my skies are blue
And I’ve cried my last tear over you

Verse Two

You brought much sorrow
Into my life
You cause me some heartache
And you cause me some strife
You never dreamed
That I’d find my way
Down to an altar
Where I learned to pray


They say that in Heaven
There will be no more tears
The pain that we felt
Down through the years
Won’t be there to ever
Cause us to cry
Cause God’s gonna wipe
That last tear from our eyes


I’ve cried my last tear (I’ve cried my last tear)
That was my last tear (that was my last tear)
I’ve cried my last tear over you