Book:  Spiritual Warfare in the Kingdom of Skullbonia
  • Book:  Spiritual Warfare in the Kingdom of Skullbonia
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In 1952, the governor of Tennessee made a proclamation that the land between the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers in Northwest Tennessee would be known as The Kingdom of Skullbonia.  The name was in reference to the colorful history of the area which had been widely known for vices such as bare-knuckle boxing (to the skull only), gang warfare, prostitution, the KKK, illegal gambling, etc.

Prominent sins of the a community or a particular region can bind spiritual victory in a person's life and create long-lasting generational curses.  This is why Christians must come forth on the offensive, attack Hell's fortresses with spiritual warfare and break through the strongholds that such sin, abomination and idolatry have built.

This work is a collection of messages on faith, prayer, sound doctrine, spiritual intercession, sins of the land, generational curses, and other topics that are vital to the spiritual warfare that we are fighting.

About the author

Wendell Jellison is a native of Portland, Indiana and the founder and pastor of First United Pentecostal Church of Greenfield, Tennessee. He and his family traveled for 21 years as evangelist and gospel singers and have been in pastoral ministry for over 20 years. He is the father of three wonderful daughters and their families which includes six beautiful grandchildren.

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